WaterLily Turbine is a portable turbine that converts moving water or wind into energy for your USB powered devices. It’s the perfect camping phone charger or USB charger to stay connected while exploring nature.

Tough enough to survive enough any trek, and compact enough to fit in any pack. WaterLily is designed to thrive in the elements, built with sub-sea grade cabling, a shockproof housing, and a weatherproof design.

Included with each purchase is a portable battery pack that can be charged when you want to keep your devices closer.

Designed to efficiently capture energy from both water or wind, WaterLily is the perfect companion to any outdoor adventure.

New orders ship in 4-6 weeks. All prices in USD.

$199 $159


camping phone charger - hand crank

In a pinch with no water or wind? 10 minutes with the Hand Crank gets you enough charge for a 6 minute phone call. Weighing only 17 grams, the Hand Crank is the ideal complement to WaterLily, keeping your phone and other USB devices charged  for emergency situations.

The hand crank was designed primarily for emergency use, and is not recommended to fully charging a device.

Hand Crank ships April 2018.

$24 $19

What’s in the box?

  • WaterLily Turbine
  • User manual
  • 25′ 550 paracord
  • 2 x stainless steel carbiner
  • Rechargable 2600 mAh battery
  • 4 x 300 mm stainless steel lanyard
camping phone charger



  • Diameter: 180 mm (7 in)
  • Thickness: 75 mm (3 in)
  • Weight: 1.3 kg (2.86 lb)

In Water

  • Minimum flow required: 1 km/h (0.7 mph)
  • Flow for peak power output (15 W): 5.8 km/h (3.6 mph)
  • Maximum water speed: 11 km/h (6.8 mph)
  • Maximum immersion time: Unlimited!
  • Minimum depth: 180 mm (7 in)
  • Maximum depth: 3 m (10 ft)


  • 2 x 5 V regulated USB output
  • Maximum power output: 15 W
  • Direct charging cord length: 3.4 m (11 ft)

In Wind

  • Minimum wind speed required: 10.8 km/h (6.7 mph)
  • Wind speed for peak power output (15 W): 58 km/h (36 mph)
  • Maximum wind speed: 90 km/h (55 mph)

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