Frequently Asked Questions


What types of devices can I charge?
Any USB device can be charged with the WaterLily!
What if there is no river nearby and it isn't windy?
WaterLily’s Hand-Crank accessory was designed for this situation. However, we wouldn’t recommend charging a device fully this way. You can find the accessory here.
Can I get other voltage outputs and different connectors?
Our 12V version is currently in development, and will be available for order in Summer 2018. If you would to receive an update once it is available add your email below.


Can I mount it on a bike?
We’ve had significant interest from the biking community and are now testing prototypes. Check our store this spring for more information!
Can I tow it behind my canoe or kayak?
Soon! We are working on a tow cable and fixed-mount kits for the boating community. Check our store this spring for more information!
How does it compare to a portable solar panel?
WaterLily has been designed to continuously charge your devices for 24 hours a day. As the system relies on natural resources such as wind or water, users are not forced to wait on ideal sunny conditions to charge their devices. Even if wind or water are not available, users can charge with our optional hand crank.
How does it compare to a bio-lite stove?
At its peak, BioLite stoves produces 3 watts of power while under ideal conditions. WaterLily produces 3 watts of power in water flowing at only 2.1 mph. Also, WaterLily does not require consumables to generate electricity, and can run without user supervision!
Can I use WaterLily in the ocean?
Yes, the components are all corrosion resistant! However we do recommend cleaning your WaterLily after prolonged use in saltwater.
What is the power output?
In Water:

In Wind:


When will I receive my WaterLily?
The first WaterLilys were delivered to customers in February 2018. We’re working hard to fill the remainder of our pre-orders throughout February and March. As we have a large amount of pre-orders to fill, orders placed today will ship in late March. Order today to ensure you receive your WaterLily as soon as possible!
Do you ship outside of Canada and the USA?
WaterLily ships worldwide. We have customers in over 40 countries and growing. All orders are billed in USD, and customs and duties are paid for by the customer.
What is the warranty?
Included in your purchase is a 1 year limited warranty on defects in workmanship and materials under normal use.
If I change my mind when can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order at any time. No penalty or fee.
Is my credit card information secure?
Our website uses Celery ( for your pre-order experience. They have helped thousands of customers, including multinational brands (Timex, Disney), wildly successful crowd-funding projects (Coolest Cooler, Baubax), and innovative start-ups (August, Lockitron, Sphero).




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