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Mission Iceland - Crossing the Country on Foot with WaterLily

 Mission Iceland Team preparing for the trip in France

Crossing Iceland by Foot

Andre, Jens, Julian, and Wendelin - 4 friends and engineers from Germany are planning to trek across Iceland this summer. From the most northern to southern points on foot, the group will take the month of August to complete the unsupported trek.

The goal of the trip? To showcase the limitless power of nature, and true potential of renewable energies. A perfect partnership for WaterLily!

We first spoke with the Mission Iceland team in the winter, during the initial planning stages of their expedition. They were looking for a renewable energy source that would power them over many weeks in unpredictable conditions, and solar was not going to cut it. 

In the final months leading up to the trip, the team is busy finalizing their route, and testing the gear that they'll bring on the expedition.

Preparing for the trip in the Black Forest, Germany

Follow Their Journey

We’ll be posting regular updates of Mission Iceland’s journey to our blog and social media, and you can also follow their feeds to learn more. The team posts on regularly on their website, and facebook

Interested in getting in touch, or sponsoring the team? Head over their website and get involved!


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