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Charge 12V Batteries with Water or Wind.

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Check out Norway's Consumer Inspectors review of WaterLily USB

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Energy from Water or Wind

WaterLily USB converts Water or Wind into Energy for your USB Devices

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2300 Miles by Canoe

Learn how Dr. TA Loeffler is using WaterLily on a expedition to the Arctic Ocean

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Why our users love WaterLily

"A Great Add to the Family Camping Kit"


"It's been great! Especially on the Athabasca and Slave Rivers - We're able to put it into the current and use it to charge our devices"

"Perfect for hurricane prone states and hiking adventures."


"If your trips are longer than one nighters, then i'd recommend this charger."


"I love it. So easy to set up"

Capture Energy from Water or Wind.

WaterLily USB - WaterLily Turbine
  • Water or Wind Power

    No sun? No problem. Place WaterLily in moving water or wind to capture energy for your favorite devices.

  • USB or 12V Output

    The perfect off-grid charger. WaterLily is available in both USB and 12V variants, to help you get the right power output for your needs. 

  • Charge Night and Day

    WaterLily can charge for 24 hours a day, even when you’re not around. Set it up, and get back to exploring.

  • Direct Charging

    WaterLily USB directly charges your device, not an internal battery bank. This gets you back into the action in half the time. 

Why Charge with WaterLily?

  • Charge While You Sleep

    Unlike Solar, WaterLily can charge at any time of day. Set it up overnight to have your devices charged for tomorrow's adventure. 

  • Built for Travel

    WaterLily can withstand the bumps and bruises of travel. WaterLily packs small and performs big.

  • Energy in Any Weather

    Rain, shine, sleet or snow - WaterLily was designed to perform in harsh environments.

What is WaterLily?

Take 30 seconds and find out with our quick video!


Water or Wind Powered

No sun? No problem. WaterLily can be placed in moving water or wind to effortlessly charge your device. 

USB Output

The perfect camping USB charger, WaterLily USB charges all USB-compatible devices with a 5V output. Phones, GPS, Cameras - You're covered.

Built to Travel

Compact enough to fit in any backpack. Durable enough to survive any trek. We've built WaterLily to last. 

Charge Day or Night

WaterLily can charge for 24 hours a day, even when you’re not around. Set it up, get back to exploring, and come home to full batteries. 

Direct Charging

WaterLily USB directly charges your device. No need to fill up a battery bank first!

Emergency Charging

In a pinch with no water or wind? 10 minutes with the optional hand crank gets you enough charge for a 6 minute phone call.

Daisy Chain 12V for More Power

That's right! You can easily daisy chain multiple WaterLily 12Vs to supercharge your power output!